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VeriTiger-DX760 Overview
Product name: VeriTiger-DX760
Product ID: HYF017
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VeriTiger Series FPGA prototyping board provides rapid prototyping platform for various types of digital circuit design, greatly shortening the development cycle of SOC / IP and FPGA
VeriTiger-DX760 series of validation board provides up to twoXilinx?Virtex-6 XC6VLX760TFFG1760 (pin compatible with XC6VLX550) supporting up to 15.2 million logic gates design verification, applicable to a variety of communications, multimedia and consumer SOC / IP prototyping and various algorithms
A standalone Xilinx?XC6VLX75T can provide a PCI-e X8 and SATAII interfaces. The XC6VLX75T is connected to main chips with120 signals
Separate extension interfaces, in line with the HSPI (High Speed Interconnection, the Prototype bus by HyperSilicon) provide users long-term expandability
More than 600 connection between the two main FPGAs
The entire board can expose up to1440 high-speed signals on connectors
Double Xilinx V6 (XC6VLX760TFF1760) 11 million gate capacity, coupled with single Xilinx (XC6VLX75T) for an additional 750,000 logic gate capacity
Dual600 signal lines of main chip interconnection
Additional high-speed interface between main FPGA and interconnection FPGA (300 signals)
Boards can be stacked to increase the interconnection structure between multi-chip FPGA to increase the logic capacity of the assembly
Up to 1440 HSPI-compatible high-speed signals, divided into 12 groups
Independently adjustable extension interfaces, for user-friendly and flexible applications
PCI-e X8, SATAII high-speed communication interface
Standard DDR2-SODIMM connector
Standard DDR3-SODIMM connector
Onboard FLASH chip boot loader
CPLD allocation of FPGA configuration flexibility to adjust the clock resources
On-board PLL clock chip, which provides 6 ~ 200Mhz clock source through the FPGA's internal PLL
Flexible pluggable crystal, offers a variety of clock choices
Reliable USB hardware connection
LEDs, Reset Switch, Dual Mode CF (JTAG+CF)
ISO-9000 production process control, mechanical reinforcement
Ordering Information
Product name The Quantity of Devices FPGA Chipset Style
VerTiger-DX760C1 2 Xilinx XC6VLX760-FFG1760
VerTiger-DX760C2 2 Xilinx XC6VLX760-FFG1760
Picture of VeriTiger-DX760
VeriTiger-DX760 45 Degree View
VeriTiger-DX760_Top View
VeriTiger-DX760_Bottom View
SystemBlock of VeriTiger-DX760
High Performance Vide design with VerTiger-DX760
Base VerTiger-DX760 for designing progct
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