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StarFire-DA340 Overview
Product name: StarFire-DA340
Product ID: HYF012
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StarFire-DA Series FPGA based prototype board is a prototype platform for various digital circuit, it meets the requirements from the SOC/ASIC/IP/FPGA designers to speed up the verification of their designs. It is also a powerful tool for co-development of hardware and software.
StarFire-DA340 includes two piece of Altera StratixIII EP3SL340F1760, supporting verification of designs up to 
6.8 Million (3.4 Million) ASIC gates. It is particularly suitable for various algorithm implementation and design verification for communication, multimedia and consumer products. The nimble expansion structure, may provide the bigger logical capacity for the user.
Two Altera StratixIII EP3SL340F1760 FPGAs with capacity of 6.8Million ASIC gates
600 connections between two FPGAs, and it support the AXI / APB / AHB bus standard for ultra-large-scale of the verification of SOC to provide the most current market signal interconnection
Stackable for two or more StarFire-DA340, meet higher capacity
26 layers PCB with impedance control, no less than 166MHz frequency on the whole board
Use the high-speed connectors by SAMTEC ensuring the daughter board extension, HSPI protocol
Standard DDR2-Sodimm and DR3-Sodimm slot for user’s expand Memory
Optional SODIMM memory expansion slot to provide users with a powerful solution for on board Memory, covering SDRAM, DDR, Mobile DDR, DDRII memory, with clock frequency up to 400MHz
The quantity of usable IO is 1200 , which enable flexible extension of a variety of daughter boards through HSPI
6 crystal sockets to provide clock input
12 SMB coaxial high speed I/O
Various of Static input type , Reset, Push button, and so on
A number of high-end power modules guarantee the power for the entire mother board and the extension of daughter boards as well
10 LEDs,2 
buttons,8-way DIP switch
446 general-purpose input and output expansion signals, support differential signaling standards
FPGA configuration:supports FPGA download cable on-line configuration and on-board chip configuration mode(JTAG+AS)
The interface of fan can be connected to the cooling fan
ISO9000 manufacturing process control, mechanical reinforcement
Ordering Information
Product name The Quantity of Devices FPGA Chipset Style
StarFire-DA340C4 2 Altera EP3SL340F1760
StarFire-DA340C3 2 Altera EP3SL340F1760
Picture of StarFire-DA340
StarFire-DA340 45 Degree View
StarFire-DA340_Top View
StarFire-DA340_Bot View
SystemBlok of StarFie-DA340
High Performance Vide design with StarFire-DA340
Base StarFire-DA820 for designing progct
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