HyperSilicon Co.,Ltd

HyperSilicon Co.,Ltd. is a private high tech company founded in China in 2003.The Staff of approximately 30 people is based in Beijing(main office) with a Shanghai sales and support office.HyperSilicon services its customers through local sales and support channels in Europe,USA,South East Asia,Japan and Taiwan.

HyperSilicon is Altera Corporation's first board partner in China since 2007.Our mission is to supply the most advanced FPGA-based rapid prototype boards to SoC/ASIC and IP design houses and High-Performance Computing boards(HPC) for high-end algorithm validation and verification.The company provides SoC/ASIC,Analog and Digital design and tape-out services with a strong alliances with a number of IP vendors.Our focus is help customers greatly decrease the total time to market,not only for SoC/ASIC and IP products,but also for any FPGA based design as well.