intoPIX is an innovative, independent technology provider with world-class expertise and knowledge in video processing and image compression, cryptography, high performance computing and micro-electronics. Since 2006, we create and license market-leading technologies and solutions across all audio-visual applications where image quality is a crucial asset. Our broad range of silicon IPs (intellectual property for FPGA & ASIC) and software tools (CPU & GPU) include the key processing and compression cores, that enable industry leaders to create top-notch professional and consumer solutions, which efficiently transmit, store and manage the highest quality video.

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JPEG-XS compression IP-cores for HD & 4K 

​At the speed of light!

intoPIX has developed various optimized TICO-XS architectures running a different pixel per clock to target a wide range of resolutions and a wide range of FPGA devices & ASIC technology nodes. 

TICO-XS is a revolutionary compression technology, standardized at JPEG, extremely tiny in FPGAs & ASICs. It fits into the smallest Xilinx & Intel devices, robust for real-time operation with no latency. It offers a very low gate count & SRAM consumption in ASICs.




IP-cores Features



NEW configurations for FPGA & ASIC 

Based on all the features we are supporting, it is possible to provide custom versions to address your specific needs. 

Contact us for your own configuration. 

See hereunder a list of typical configurations: